Is mxe against the law in the USA?

There are no federal laws specifically mentioning MXE. It is illegal in a handful of states, and I don't ship to those states. The federal analogue act applies to schedule 1 and 2 substanes; Methoxetamine is a direct analogue of Ketamine, which is a schedule 3 substance, and therefore the federal analogue act does not apply. There have been ZERO reported convictions for possession or sale of MXE to date.

How pure is your stuff really?

A friend of mine gave a sample to a buddy of his who has access to a lab with GC/MS, and it assayed at 98.8% pure. That was not this batch, that was the first stuff I ever got from this specific company, but the quality has not gone down.

How do you ship your MXE?

The MXE comes in a small mylar bag, which will be heat sealed to ensure quality. It will be literally encased in metal, you will need scissors to open it. Of course, it will be shipped discreetly, with no specific markings.

What is this product intended for?

This product is intended for research purposes only. It is NOT intended for human consumption.

Basic Information About Us

We have dealt with many RCs over time, and as they become illegal, we've moved on to new ones. However, MXE is still legal, and for whatever reason, the media and the government seem to have just forgotten about it. Well, I haven't forgotten about it!

The Chinese Lab I use puts out consistently high quality chemicals. When I ordered methylone back when it was legal, it was the purest "molly" around. Their NBOMe Is stellar. Their synthetic cannabinoids are stellar. The lab I buy from only puts out the highest quality of products, and I am here to offer them to you. Well, I'm here to offer you their MXE - That's all I have in stock!

Opanthalgic Methoxetamine

MXE for sale!

My friends and I have been distributing Legal Research Chemicals for some time now. After ordering 100 grams and successfully selling it, I ordered another 500 grams. I successfully received it. Then, due to a shipping error on China's part, they mailed me another 1,000 grams. I now have WAY more MXE than I know what to do with, hence this website - whose only purpose is to sell mxe - Voila! I hope you enjoy, and come back for more high quality unadulterated Methoxetamine.

Other Information


2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-2-(ethylamino)cyclohexanone; 3-MeO-2-Oxo-PCE is known as an RC or research chemical .To read more about Methoxetamine, Erowid provides a good deal of information and can be found here: http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/methoxetamine/

We Accept Bitcoin!

At the time I'm creating this website (12/18/2013), I will only be accepting bitcoin. I am working on setting up other payment methods ASAP, such as paypal and credit/debit cards, however at present time I can only take bitcoin.

How do you know I'm not a scammer?

I'll tell you straightup, if I were a scammer I would be offering more products than just MXE. I would be "selling" MXE, ethylphenidate, NBOMe, Synthetic cannabinoids, blank blotter paper, Etizolam, DXM, the list goes on. But no, I really am just a dude who stumbled upon about one metric shopping bag full of MXE.

If for whatever reason you don't feel like trusting a new Chinese supplier, or if you don't want a 100G minimum order quantity, or if you just want to buy MXE domestic, I'm your guy.

I'm just a guy, who has too much MXE, and no idea how to sell it all.

Free samples are all gone! About 20 got sent out today (1-22), and the other 30 will get sent out tomorrow.


$30 USD/1 gram

$270 USD/10 grams

$700 USD/28 grams

Email me for larger quantities!Opanthalgic@gmail.com


Please feel me to email me with questions, comments, or concerns. After I get some money up from selling this, I plan to stock other legal compounds - What would YOU like to see next? If you'd like a free .25G sample, just email me with your address, and say please ;)

Payment Information:

My bitcoin address is:


You MUST email me your address in order for me to mail you your order! Opanthalgic@gmail.com

I'm sorry for the shoddy website, but like I said, I'm just a guy with too much MXE. I'm not a web designer, I'm not some corporation, I'm just a guy. This is the end of the website, you can stop scrolling lol